Retail Business Russia Agenda

On October 7-8, the 21st Retail Business Russia 2021 Business Forum will be held in Moscow. The BBCG team conducted a special study and surveys of market participants as part of the preparation of the program. Where is the market going, what trends and “pains” have become the main ones for the industry this year?

The Retail Business Russia agenda is always the most accurate cross-section of current business problems and opportunities for the development of companies. It is also always looking beyond the horizon!

The main topics of the 2021 Summit program

Consolidation challenges offline and e-com. The consolidation of the leading players in the retail market in Russia is not only continuing, but is progressing at an accelerating rate. In fact, every week we read news about M&A transactions of various levels in offline retail (X5, Magnit, Lenta). At the same time, we are all fascinated by the growth data of digital platforms. Some of the numbers seem fantastic, like the 120,000 pickup points that Wildberries have opened so far! That is why the strategies of all players, both retailers and manufacturers, must take into account the trend to accelerate consolidation. At the business forum, we will discuss the results and consequences of the changes taking place. Let's consider new trends in M&A deals and examples.

Marketplaces have become a major distribution channel. The share of digital giants in sales is already measured in 2-digit numbers in many categories of goods. And it continues to grow rapidly. Both the opportunities and the risks of other market participants are growing, in this regard, proportionally. In the RBR'2021 program we will discuss: how to build your strategy and tactics of interaction with marketplaces? What are the prospects for the development of the platform model for the next 4 years?

Forever store. The physical store has been opening its doors to customers for hundreds of years. It will continue to be an important means of sales and customer communication. But each retailer's portfolio of properties will fundamentally change in the coming years. On October 7, we will discuss new formats, effective balancing of m2 and e-com, as well as methods of attracting traffic.

The growing role of media platforms. With millions of monthly audience growth on popular media channels, it's no surprise that digital content is increasingly influencing consumer choice. What is the real impact of media platforms on sales today, and what are the prospects for managing customer behavior and needs? How to use your own and other people's media resources to maintain and develop sales?

Sustainable Retail. The sustainable development trend is gaining momentum around the world. More and more people are choosing a green and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, now the availability of eco-products in the assortment or support for "green" initiatives is not a whim, but a prerequisite if you want to retain a client. What is the mission of retail in preserving the environment? How to prepare your business for the next stages of sustainable retail and fmcg development in Russia.


RBR - as a platform, which is already 20 years old, is going through a transformation stage together with the industry. For the first time this year, we have joined forces at the level of a group of companies to offer leading market players a new product: a strategic conference on the first day from B2BCG and an agenda for today's key block - IT, on the second day from Infor-media.

Remember these dates: October 7-8. Find out what conditions of participation we are glad to offer you personally this year!