Stores are changing formats: how to surprise and attract customers with unusual solutions

According to a survey by Odnoklassniki and ResearchMe, 45% of shoppers plan to buy gifts in regular physical stores on the eve of the New Year holidays. And in a world of constant changes and high competition, retailers continue to test new formats in order not only to attract customers, but also to fuel their interest for a long time.

Firstly, we are still in the midst of a crisis and a rapid rise in prices, so the era of discounters and a trend towards rational consumption has come to Russia. Now this format is not about choosing a lower quality and service. Modern discounters surprise with their new concepts and technologies used for the convenience of the client.

As part of the online tour on February 11, you can learn more about such large discounters as Krasny Yar and Slata, as well as ask questions to the heads of the chains Angela Ryabova and Yaroslav Schiller.

Also, stores of small formats are opening more and more often:

  • Magnit opened Magnit Go in the Aeroexpress terminal, a kiosk with an area of 35 sq. M. m, where the most popular food and non-food products are presented.

  • Also, the format of small stores is being tested by the Crossroads. "Jam" Perekrestok stores with an area of up to 300 sq. m will be located within walking distance from offices and residential areas.

  • IKEA opens a studio in the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center. In a studio of 500 sq. m it will be possible to order any goods from the IKEA online store, arrange their delivery, assembly or return.

As we can see the popularity of regional centers, small formats, as well as convenience stores continues to gain momentum. The goal of shopping is to be fast and convenient.

But at the same time:

  • The DNS chain has opened a new store in Novosibirsk in the hypermarket format, despite the fact that it seems as if large formats are losing their relevance.

  • The O'Key chain has opened a hypermarket in a new concept in Moscow. On a retail space of 5 thousand sq. meters there is also a cafe, its own bakery and a culinary department. The store is also equipped with digital services - the O'KEY scan system, self-checkout counters and a digital sommelier.
But also another goal of shopping today is the experience.

And best of all this experience is sold by fashion retail. In confirmation of this, Uniqlo opened the largest chain store in Europe with an area of 4.2 thousand square meters in the Evropeyskiy shopping and entertainment center. The uniqueness of the store lies in the fact that it presents innovative technologies for making clothes and new brand services. The concept “Time of new things” fully reflects the brand's values: comfort, simplicity, a conscious approach to the choice of clothes, care for nature and loved ones.

Another of their main tasks today is the unification of sales channels. Therefore, stores continue to transform for the needs of delivery as well. The Danish chain Jysk, which has already opened 10 stores in Russia, has been using the Click & Collect service for a long time. And the Lenta retail chain began testing a hybrid model of hypermarkets, the infrastructure of which is used to complete online orders. In the premises of hypermarkets, special areas for the assembly and storage of goods are equipped, which allows minimizing the intersection of buyers and employees of the express delivery service.

What's new in the world?

  • H&M is testing a new store concept in Amsterdam. The chain's flagship store was opened with a focus on sustainability and recycling / renewing used clothing. In the store, customers can rent clothes from both the current and past collections, and there is also a department for the repair of old things in the store, where you can give things a second "life". And also installed "smart trash cans" with information digital screens for collecting old clothes.

  • Apple has opened a store with live trees in Los Angeles. The store was designed in collaboration with the British architectural firm Foster + Partners. Living trees are planted both outside and inside the store, which gives the feeling of a small grove.

  • Adidas Terrex opens its first flagship store in Europe. The design of Adidas' first European flagship store focuses on sustainability, digitalization and communication. The store is intended to become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, hosting events, workshops and outdoor lectures.

As you can see, the trend towards environmental friendliness and the use of natural materials is also becoming more popular and in demand.

At the Magazin Forever forum on February 10, we will certainly talk in more detail about the new formats and functions of the store as part of the MODERN TRADING SPACES session. We will analyze new consumption patterns and discuss the most popular concepts among buyers with experts.
During the session SHOP AS A BILBOARD OF A BRAND OF A RETAILER AND A MANUFACTURER, we will talk about the correct positioning and transmission of brand values through offline, about how to differ from competitors and be on the same wavelength with your customers.
Also, one of the main issues of the SHOP AS A CENTER FOR ORDER COLLECTION session will be the offline transformation for the needs of delivery.

These and many other topics await you on February 10th on the Forever Store forum! And already on February 11, during a retail tour, you can see how some store concepts work in practice.