Commercial negotiations between suppliers and retailers on separate products groups: hard diy, soft diy, furniture, seasonal range and tools, country house and garden

Commercial negotiations between suppliers and retailers on separate products groups: hard diy, soft diy, furniture, seasonal range and tools, country house and garden.

Chains’ management and responsible retail buyers use the opportunities of the annual summit, the biggest event in the industry, to find new promising suppliers in problematic product categories, have a discussion with partners’ top-management on increasing sales efficiency, decreasing out-of-stocks, and sales support.

Manufacturers and distributors will be able to have a discussion with the responsible representatives of the chains on the supply of their products, replacing competitors’ products, and joint projects on sales increase.

Leroy Merlin East

  • Beluhin Aleksander, Project Manager Lm Kvartira
  • Khakalo Ruslan, Sourcing Director
  • Sharonova Darya, Sourcing Department Specialist
  • Shestakova Irina, Sourcing Department Specialist
  • Gudkova Anna, Sourcing Department Specialist

Construction Trading House Petrovich

  • Movchan Yevgeniy, CEO
  • Dermanovskiu Sergey, Business Development Director
  • Krasnaya Olga, Chief Purchasing Officer, Home decoration materials
  • Sklyaryk Oksana, Chief Purchasing Officer, Home decoration materials
  • Petrova Marina, Chief Purchasing Officer Tiles and Plumbing
  • Ryabkov Nikolay, Chief Purchasing Officer, Roofing, insulation and basic materials
  • Dobogelovskaya Nadegda, Chief Purchasing Officer Roofing and Insulation
  • Sidorin Aleksey, Chief Purchasing Officer, Basic Materials
  • Lukyanov Denis, Chief Purchasing Officer, Engineering Systems and Tools
  • Glamazdin Ilya, Chief Purchasing Officer Engineering Systems
  • Popova Olga, Chief Purchasing Officer Dry Building Mixes
  • Larina Marina, Chief Purchasing Officer, Sawmill wood
  • Izvarin Oleg, Chief Purchasing Officer, Building materials и Sawmill wood
  • Nazarova Elizaveta, Business Support Department Chief
  • Ivanova Viktoriya, Business Support Department Assistant

START, Domovoi

  • Nikonorov Roman, CEO

Agava (Megastroy)

  • Malygin Vladimir, President
  • Razumov Valeriy, CEO
  • Gatiyatullin Ildar, Business Development Director
  • Dyomina Viktoriya, Deputy Marketing Director


  • Kurandin Aleksandr, CEO
  • Ksenafontov Yuri, Business Development Director


  • Tyshkevich Dmitry, CEO
  • Lapinskiy Yevgeniy, Business Development Director
  • Boikova Nataliya, Marketing Director


  • Evnevich Maria, Member of Board of Directors


  • Esmurziev Ruslan, Business Development Director
  • Lukina Irina, Trade Department Chief


  • Vinogradova Lidiya, Vice-President
  • Oleksenko Maksim, CEO


  • Filippov Sergey, CEO
  • Soldatenko Maksim, Executive Director


  • Tsvetkov Dmitriy, Founder
  • Moiseev Sergey, CEO, Blesk
  • Tsybin Viktor, Executive Director
  • Shmonov Sergey, Deputy Procurement Director

Mir Remonta

  • Kladov Vitaliy, Managing Director
  • Samsonova Tatyana, Development Director

Centers for Instrumentation and Engineering BIGAM

  • Biserov Mikhail, CEO
  • Biserova Ekaterina, Deputy Staff Director

Domingo, Pervomaster

  • Lizunov Denis, Operations Director


  • Timergaleeva Ruzilya, CEO
  • Osipova Aliya, Business Development Director

BMC Gorgia LTD

  • Magulariya Nugzar, Reatail Network Director
  • Belkaniya Romanoz, Chief Purchasing Officer
  • Gagnidze Tamara, Impor Department Officer

Lublinskoe Pole

  • Kochetkov Pavel, Deputy Director General


  • Novitskiy Andrey, Group of companies CEO
  • Stankevich Stanislav, CEO


  • Yakovlev Igor, Executive Director
  • Klochkova Elena, Chief Operating Officer

Tvoy Dom

  • The Buyers will be approved
25 may, 11:00 – 14:00