Digital Technologies Forum 2018

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In articles on retail digital transformation, hashtag #trends is not relevant anymore, it is a real #must_have now. Digital transformation is a huge competitive edge of retail today and the main requirement for survival tomorrow. It is not about implementing innovations into business — the business itself must be innovative! Innovativeness of business is about the structure and the DNA of the company, not about the number of implemented technologies. In ideal retail, all the innovations lead to breathtaking synergetic results, inner work of the company is automated and synchronized, sales go sky-high, efficiency grows, and expenses are minimal. In fact, everything is different: insightful decisions are required, the mistakes can be very costly (not only in terms of money), but delays and are even more expensive!

Key Events of the Forum

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  • How to build a system of innovations in a company;
  • Operational efficiency of retail – reducing costs;
  • Technologies in an offline – what does the customer expect, what can the retailer do?
  • Big Data – from discussion to action. Examples of effective solutions.

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Digital Technologies Forum 2018 will gather all the participants and players of this race at the top level — CEOs, COOs and IT directors, CIOs, Innovation, Marketing and Service Directors, e-commerce and omni-channel experts.